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Karabag.com is the place to buy your Carpet or Kilim thanks to our exceptional collection, our unrivaled service and extensive knowledge !

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At Karabag we love carpets and kilims! For us they represent the knowledge of many centuries evolving with current trends.

Working for more than 40 years with carpets and kilims, we originally started with import and export directly from countries, such as Afghanistan, Nepal, Turkmenistan and Turkey.

As the years passed we distinguished ourselves by not only selling known designs, but by innovating with new designs and by offering unrivaled services over entire Europe. We always carefully select our design, colors and sizes and ensure that the quality corresponds to the best prices, thanks to our direct influence on our manufacturers. For us it is very important that each carpet we have for sale is unique, whether by design, colors or size.

We look for that sweet spot for exceptional design, quality and pricing!

Carpets and Kilims have so many designs and exceptions that it is nearly impossible to comprehend all information. From country, village, neighborhood or individual towns people design, colors, quality can vary immensely and as such it is very difficult to understand why prices can differ as much as they do. This is were we come in! Everyone can buy and sell carpets, but unfortunately in our line of business very few shops have the knowledge to explain to you whether they are selling a premium or budget carpet They may both be called Ziegler or Nain, but go from simple to triple the price.

We price ourselves on actually knowing and understanding the differences. That's why we look for that so called sweet spot in pricing, quality and design. For all carpets we offer on sale, we stand firmly behind the prices as we know that they are worth it! You will not find 'sales' signs on all our carpets or kilims. The quality, design and prices are the best you can get for that particular quality and we offer you our lifetime service and knowledge on top of that.

To put our words into actions we are The Only Webshop to offer a free of charge "Karabag Maintenance Package" for your carpet or kilim with your purchase.

So don't hesitate to look around, contact us with any inquiries you might have!

We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do!


Thank you on behalf of the entire Karabag.com Team!

Berç Bagdasar
General Manager